Instant Web Quoting and Booking

With QuoteFlare your customers find what they are looking for 24/7, before your competition even shows up for an estimate.

Offer Fast Quotes Over the Phone, and Onsite

Your team can now create and edit accurate quotes for over the phone and onsite from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Measure Success in a Meaningful Way

Finally a way to see the effectiveness of your website, sales team, and company over time. Improvement is now possible.

Your Website Has a Problem.

Your customers are Bouncing!

As your potential customers visit your website, most of them are not finding what they are looking for and leaving quickly after visiting only a page or 2. We call this a bounce and its your worst nightmare as a business owner!


  • Leave no contact information
  • Represent lost sales and marketing dollars
  • Represent ineffectiveness of a website
  • Are difficult to see and track vs. sales
  • Must be tracked, and minimized

Read on to learn how to Stop the Bounce

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Without QuoteFlare

  • High bounce rate
  • Lost sales to unknown site visitors
  • Wasted marketing spent on traffic
  • Ineffective website with no data
  • Quotes untracked

With QuoteFlare

  • Improved bounce rate
  • Capture more leads and more sales
  • Spend marketing efforts confidently
  • Efficient website with meaningful data
  • Track all quotes and bookings

Quote Centers™

A Quote Center™ is a quoting system which you can easily customize and manage from your QuoteFlare account. Click on a tile to see an example of a customizable Quote Center template. Please feel free to try out as many as you like! To see the sample notifications go ahead and put in a valid email address.

QuoteFlare's Top Features

Get highly customizable instant and backend quoting with these great features and more...

Unlimited Quotes

You can provide as many quotes and bookings as you want. There is no limit.

Install Anywhere

You can install each Quote Center in as many places as you want, on as many pages as you want. You can even install it on your facebook.

Instant and Backend Quotes

Not only can your customers get instant quotes, but you can also offer phone and field quotes too. With all quotes and bookings tracked in one place, see your company for the first time.

Quote Center Templates

Our many Quote Center templates give you a good place to start to make getting going in the right direction a snap.

Awesome Help

Get expert training and help from our team. We will help you get implemented so you can be providing more quotes sooner.

High Customizablilty

QuoteFlare's is about flexibility first. Hey, we could have just built a hard coded "form" the way we thought it should be, but we wanted you to have the control to customize what you want.

× Note! With QuoteFlare you can customize almost anything, and you can price any way imaginable!

How does QuoteFlare stop the bounce?

How do we do it? Put yourself in your customer's shoes for a moment. They found your website while searching for your services, but in this day and age, they weren't planning to talk to a pushy sales person, or schedule an appointment with one. They were looking for a quick solution to their needs without all the hassle of picking up the phone or filling out a "request form" and pressing submit. In short, they were looking for instant service. If they don't see it, they'll leave quickly, and they won't leave a note! QuoteFlare helps you provide the instant service they desire, and it tracks your impressions vs quotes vs bookings so you can actually see your website's and your company's effectiveness over time, so you can improve.

More About QuoteFlare

Learn a little more about our company

About Us

QuoteFlare Story

In 2010, Josh Lawlor of Clearco Window Cleaning in Phoenix Arizona was looking for ways to give his customers easier access to their services. He had already developed a system for providing phone quotes quickly, that his office team could use reliably and his customers loved. He wanted a way to make his website more effective also, and give visitors to his site the ability to get services anytime instantly. As he explored this idea he found very few options, if any, available to do it. Setting out to accomplish this he teamed up with his brother, Casey Lawlor, a software engineer, and went to work. QuoteFlare was born out of the process of building out a way to give customers who came to websites what they were really looking for- fast easy access to services. QuoteFlare is now a reasonably priced yet robust platform for creating and managing quoting systems we call Quote Centers™ and we help companies across multiple industries and countries sell more services by giving instant quotes by website, phone, and in the field.

Josh Lawlor

Founder, CEO, & Graphic Designer

Casey Lawlor

CTO & UI Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are some common ones.

Installing QuoteFlare is as easy as placing an image or a link on your website. For each Quote Center you have we give you a snippet of code to place on your site where you want to display it.

QuoteFlare is designed to provide your business with maximum flexibility so you don't need to change the look of your site, or the way you price or do business in order to offer instant quotes. We make it easy to produce your Quote Center with Quote Center Templates. After you have chosen a template you like for your Quote Center, you can make additions and fine tune changes in My Quote Center Control Panel.

Different companies have different levels of comfort with phone quotes and instant quotes and thats ok. QuoteFlare is a robust quoting platform for designing custom quoting systems. It is powerful for quoting in the field, over the phone, and instantly from a website, and bringing all of these together into one place for incredible business metrics and success. For instant quoting from your website, QuoteFlare provides what the customer has been looking for and helps them to decide not to "bounce" from your website without a trace. QuoteFlare helps you make a great impression in more ways than one. Your customer will save time by using your Quote Center to get a price. They will have an accurate price instantly, and won't need to schedule an appointment with you at a later time just to get one. They will have the chance to view other services you offer which they may be interested in. They will have your price and the instant ability to accept and book before and after they leave your site. You will save money, time, and gas while getting more leads, closing more sales, and at a higher ticket size.

Creating your QuoteFlare account doesn't require any annual commitments. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. We feel that once you have setup your Quote Center, and taken it out for a spin, you won't need a contract to keep using QuoteFlare.

When you open your Quotes Tab in QuoteFlare while out in the field to provide a quote, you can easily provide it from a beautifully mobile friendly interface.


Our pricing is simple and straightforward with no contracts. Cancel at any time.

Additional Options

$5.00 / each

Each option is available to add at any time after account creation.

  • Additional Quote Centers - $5.00 each
  • Additional Users $5.00 each

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